Kingdom in the Classroom - 2017 Conference

Kingdom in the Classroom - 2017 Conference

Course description

Are you an educator or administrator who is hungry to know how to release more of God’s presence in your environment?

Regardless of whether you teach, public, private or homeschool, in a religious or secular setting, the Kingdom of God belongs in your school. What principal doesn’t want more peace, more love and more honor in their school? As a Kingdom educator it is your responsibility and privilege to bring His presence to your school as you go about your day.

But partnering with God in an educational environment can be challenging. You need tools to equip you and inspiration to keep you going on the journey. Here Wendy Backlund teaches us how to become victorious in our emotions, Danny Silk reminds us to keep dreaming with God and Janine Mason challenges us to focus on becoming who we are in Christ. Kris Vallotton talks about helping students develop and internal structure so they can learn and in the bonus session you will hear from educational practitioners who are releasing the Kingdom in their sphere. 

This series of teachings will inspire and equip you as you develop a lifestyle of bringing the Kingdom wherever you go.