Workplace Wisdom: Conquering Fear

Workplace Wisdom: Conquering Fear

taught by Jenny Rae Le Roux

Course description

Fear is a common enemy to us all and yet we're constantly encouraged, throughout the Bible, to 'fear not...'.

Jenny Rae Le Roux takes us on a journey of how to:

  • Recognize the fear as Holy Spirit reveals it
  • Take authority over it
  • Ask God what the truth is to replace it
  • Walk free!
Jenny Rae Le Roux
Jenny Rae Le Roux

Jenny Rae Le Roux graduated from the University of Virginia and joined consulting Bain after traveling around the world, writing a book, working on financial public policy in South Africa and sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. In short, she’s done everything we all wish we could do, but never get around to! Since leaving Bain to co-found a tech company she has advised over 45 different early- and mid-phase companies around the world, retired twice, built up a real estate portfolio and became managing director at Management Consulted. Jenny Rae authored or co-authored all of the books on the Management Consulted's site and oversees products, services, the team and the site at MC.